Our relocation team provide you tailor-made relocation services in Asia to offer you the smoothest integration to your new life. After all living in Southeast Asia is not so complicated when you are guided! 


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IMMIGRATION - Tailor-made relocation services in Asia

Expats can quickly feel overwhelmed by immigration laws and processes but My Relocation Asia's team may help you and your family in this adventure. We work with the top authorized local experts to provide you tailor-made relocation services in Asia. 


We analyse your relocation profile and your immigration needs before providing supports such as business visas, work permits and temporary resident cards.

Immigration procedures expert in Asia

ORIENTATION - Tailor-made relocation services in Asia

Arriving in Southeast Asia for the first time is inevitably a culture shock. Everything is different. More than 613 million people live in Southeast Asia. The traffic conditions are atypical and can be quite intimidating as millions of motorbikes take the road every day. It is a part of the world full of contrasts, allying tradition with rapidly increasing modernism.

Consequently, it is no easy task to blend in, integrate and settle down within a limited amount of time. 


The goal of our relocation experts is to provide you an authentic overview of Southeast Asia and to show you the everyday life of an expat in Southeast Asia. So that, you may objectively review your choices and make decisions based on relevant and genuine up-dated information.


HOME SEARCH - Tailor-made relocation services in Asia

Finding a home in Asia can be quite complicated, as lifestyle differences between districts are sometimes huge. Traffic and commuting times are significant factors to take into consideration when choosing a residential area. Ideally, it should be near your office, your children's school, your community and your recreational activities. The perfect house does not exist in Asia: priorities need to be established and compromises need to be made. 

Rental prices have been on the constant rise in the past few years. Today, the trend is reversing, and you can basically bargain all categories of housing.

Our experience and advice in this field is indispensable to provide you tailor-made relocation services in Asia. Having ourselves endured the unforeseen hardships of expatriate housing, we know this subject by heart. During the house visits, we will stay by your side to add our personal commentaries and recommendations and caution you when necessary. We work with only a handpicked selection of real estate partners who share our values and who prioritize the client’s interest.


SCHOOL SEARCH - Tailor-made relocation services in Asia

International school in Asia

Being parents ourselves, we have been faced with this very difficult decision. We are extremely sensitive to the schooling issue as this is one of the major apprehensions parents face when relocating. Our highest priority is therefore to help you finding the most appropriate school for your children's needs. 

Today the subject is no longer a mystery to us. Guiding and advising you, we ensure a more comfortable transfer for the whole family. We have drawn up a list of schools which are rated and commented by the parents themselves. The objective of our School Search program is to help you rapidly secure a place for your child in the best suited school in Asia taking into account your educational standards, financial budgets and preferred location. 


PET TRAVEL & SHIPPING ADVICE - Tailor-made relocation services in Asia

Moving pets overseas can be a very daunting and worrying step of your relocation in Asia, especially given that each country has different rules and regulations. We highly recommend researching pet relocation requirements and quarantine laws before moving your pets. For example, countries such as Australia and Hong Kong have long and difficult quarantine laws for animals coming from Vietnam. It can be very stressful for your animals and extremely expensive.

The good news is that many places nowadays do not require long and arduous quarantine periods before allowing your pet entry. The US and most of European countries have reviewed their requirements and no longer impose quarantine restrictions. 


Our experts in pet relocation services assist you and manage the entire process to provide you the best tailor-made relocation services in Asia. In Ho Chi Minh City, we work very closely with Saigon Pet Clinic. Their pet relocation services are used by hundreds of expats every year. 

SETTLING-IN - Tailor-made relocation services in Asia

Settling in Asia
Settling in Asia

Finding what you need is the key to success!

Residing in Asia requires a little effort and curiosity. For example, not all products can be found in one supermarket. That would be far too easy. The same scenario also applies for clothes, shoes, furniture, beauty products and the list goes on.

To happily live in Asia, you need to know all the ins and outs, the up-to-date spots and the "off the book addresses" in order to find everything: imported meats, exclusive cheese selections, must-have pastries, your child’s esteemed piano teacher, your new group of friends, etc.

This is exactly what our team provides, a smoother transition and an easier integration into your new life in Asia, from expat to expat, from friend to friend. 

For example, if you are interested in expatriation in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), we have created a comprehensive on-line guide “The Arrival Survival Bible”. This ultimate guide book uncovers all you need to know when living in Vietnam, particularly in Ho Chi Minh City and its surroundings. We reveal to you the major cultural do's and don’ts, our precious tips, our best kept secrets, our top recommendations, and much more.