Asian real estate market remains very attractive. Robust economic growth and an influx of capital have powered the Asian real estate market. However, the current period will bring an unprecedented set of challenges: US-China trade conflict, financial instability and the rising cost of borrowing.


Our experts in property investment services in Asia will give you the best advices to benefit from this growing market and build resilience to market volatility.  

For example, Vietnam is the most expanding country in the real estate sector of South-East Asia: 3,000 new units are indeed expected to hit the market over the next two years in Ho Chi Minh City.


The reason for that housing boom happened in July 2015 when the Vietnamese Government introduced the Vietnamese Law on Residential Housing (LRH). This new law made it easier for foreigners to buy property. Today, the government continues to make things easier for business and foreign investment.


Gasha Properties is a turnkey solution for foreign real-estate investors in Vietnam. With over 12 years experience in the real estate industry, our property investment services are held to the highest international standards. Our mission is to create a superior buying, selling and management experience for all of our clients. 


We are experts in real-estate investment services in Asia! 


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