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Our recruitment services in Asia are reputed to be especially designed for each individual looking for seizing the opportunity to work in Asia. 






COOPTALIS - Professional recruitment in Asia 

Cooptalis in an international mobility facilitator. Since 2012, the company has been making international mobility projects a reality.


If you are a company or an individual, Cooptalis develops and supports your international mobility projects all over the world. They work attentively with talent with individuals, companies and institutions, offering them a global outlook without borders. They are proud to have employees from all around the globe who contribute to the cultural diversity and international expertise. That is why Cooptalis offers the best recruitment services in Asia. 

All around the world, companies make the same observation: talent is either rare or distant. Yet recruiting abroad is not an impossible task. International mobility is an opportunity for companies seeking talent and an opportunity for all those who dream of a new experience or a new life abroad.

Each company has its own culture, strategy and methodology. Candidates for expatriation have their own journey, lives, personal ties and aspirations. To make each international mobility a success, Cooptalis builds tailor-made recruitment solutions in Asia that are adapted to each situation, so that everyone benefits from international mobility. 


Their expertise: 

  • Recruitment - Applying or recruiting abroad, in a different culture, requires knowledge of foreign laws, customs and social codes. To overcome this obstacle, the recruiting team is specialized by country and by profession. Thanks to their tailor-made recruitment services in Asia, candidates and employers can meet with tact and simplicity and give themselves the best chances to succeed. 

  • Training - Proficiency in the local language, adaptation to the local working methods or assimilation of local social codes are all elements that guarantee a successful integration.
    To achieve this, Cooptalis provides a complete set of trainings dedicated to expatriates and the businesses that welcome them.


ROBERT WALTERS VIETNAM - Professional recruitment in Asia 

Robert Walters Vietnam is one of the leading global company that is specialized in professional recruitment services in Asia. Their local expertise gives them unique insights into specific industries and job markets in Asia and especially in Vietnam. Their truly global footprint enable them to meet the demands of candidates and clients whose needs extend beyond Vietnam. The Robert Walters' brand is synonymous with innovation, vision and leadership in the global recruitment market.

The team is specialized in permanent recruitment services in Asia across the following disciplines:

• Accounting & Finance

• Engineering

• Healthcare

• Human Resources

• Information Technology

• Legal & Corporate Governance

• Sales & Marketing

• Supply Chain, Logistics & Procurement