For this "And Around", we talked to Cynthia, who launched a range of Lebanese-inspired products made in Vietnam.


Cynthia is a Lebanese Interior Architect & Objects designer. Few years ago, she decided to turn her creativity into designing everyday products to promote Lebanon and its tourism. It all started after a visit to “Sursock Museum” in Lebanon where she got the trigger. She recalled the old photos of Beirut given by her father and decided that they would be the starting point inspiration of her project.

From this day, Cynthia started to design, produce and sell her products, including mugs, coasters and plates, all made in Lebanon. These products were exposed and sold at the Sursock Museum souvenirs shop.


After her arrival in Vietnam, almost two years ago, she decided to continue her project by collaborating with local craftsmanship and using their knowledge in producing Lacquer ware. At the beginning, it was not an easy task to find a supplier that can manufacture a small quantity and understand the designs easily.

Today, she has a range of products 100% in lacquer wood: trays, coasters, boxes and tissue boxes.

We can still see the old photos of Beirut in one of her new lines as well as the Lebanese cedar tree, old Lebanese coins, the Fez, etc.


To promote her products, Cynthia uses word of mouth and Instagram (@c_lebdesign). Even if her products are all manufactured in Vietnam, it is in Lebanon that she sells the most. 


The goal is not to make money with her products, but to have fun and keep the creativity ongoing! It must remain a pleasure. As this activity does not occupy her full time, she spends the rest of her days searching for new materials and product ideas by walking in the inspiring streets of Ho Chi Minh City along with other activities.


So, what is the next step? It is a surprise.

At the moment, she is working on new designs and themes that will be revealed very soon!

Cynthia is organizing an event on Friday June 26 and Saturday June 27, 2020, in Ho Chi Minh City to present her products. Feel free to contact her if you want to participate: 




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