In the last ten years, more and more foreigners have been working in Vietnam and the demand for hiring foreign labors from Vietnamese companies and International organization has increased. Major European, American and Asian companies recently relocated to Vietnam due to cheaper wages and production costs. These companies are used to hire experienced workers from their original country to train locals. Vietnam is also benefiting from an ongoing trade war between China and the US, as major companies are moving their production processes to Vietnam to avoid the US penalties. In the same time, China is struggling with the pandemic and is losing confidence of some foreign investors, proven resilience in pushing Vietnam to the fore as an ideal investment and manufacturing hub for Southeast Asia.


Here are the most promising sectors for expats to look for a job in Vietnam:


  • Manufacturing for garment textile, furniture, electronical components and engineering. Foreign companies plan to relocate their activity in Vietnam due to cheaper wages and production cost. In the mean time, Vietnam and Europe recently signed a Trade Agreement and experts believe that EVFTA would boost EU exports to Vietnam by 15.28% and those from Vietnam to the EU by 20% by 2021.

  • IT Sector is probably one of the most promising section to find a job for expats. It is especially because there is a lack of skilled workers in Vietnam for software programing and technical management.

  • FMCG-Consumer Goods (food and beverage, modern retail) is also a promising sector, because of the continued growth of the Vietnamese middle class driving discretionary spending including dining out.

  • Renewable Energy is to be considered as there is a strong demand on this sector which becomes a top government priority.

  • Tourism should recover in 2021. Foreign tourist arrivals hit a record of 18 million in 2019, while the level of domestic travellers reached 85 million. In addition, lower cost destinations will be poised to welcome more visitors once the world feels comfortable travelling again – benefiting Vietnam, which is seen as a safe haven from the coronavirus.

  • Another possibility is to teach English. The recent popularity of Vietnam as a tourist destination, and opening to global markets, are pushing the demand for English-language teachers.


Vietnam is now famous for being one of the best place to be an expat in the world. However, it can be a real challenge to find the perfect job matching with candidates skills. Candidates have to be aware that salary range are definitely lower than other countries in Europe or compared to other Southeast Asian Hubs such Singapore or Hong-Kong. Companies hiring a foreigner also must prove that an expat is more qualified than Vietnamese candidates. Ability to speak foreign languages (Mandarin, Korean, Japanese…) and a proven international career are often required to fill a position that would be held by a local.


Based on these observations, you have to follow some rules to find a job in the country. The best way is to be based “on site” in Vietnam in order to meet more people and to deal with the local culture. The second way is to search jobs on recruiting websites such as Vietnamworks, Indeed, CareerBuilder ITViec… But also consider networking platforms such as Linkedin or even Facebook. 

You can also taking to account working with Headhunters, or recruitment agencies for high-level, technical or managerial positions, or participate in social networking events, which for most of them are hosted by foreign chambers of commerce and/or social groups. Also important is to do direct approach with foreign people or manager working for targeted companies. It’s always easier to propose a meeting, conversation and start a collaboration with an excellent Vietnamese “cà phê”.

Experienced International Business Manager. Eric Cortade lived and worked in London, Paris, Brussels, Hong-Kong and now Saigon. He has 8 years of experience in Europe working for various Consulting Companies - FUJITSU Technology and Feel Europe-SII Group. He decided to relocate in Southeast Asia end of 2018, and now working as Recruiter for Talent-Fishers, a French Recruitment Agency. 


Talent Fishers is a boutique search and HR consulting group, created in 2007 and specialized in Asian markets, assisting mostly western invested organizations. 

Through branches and activities in China - Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, Vietnam, Thailand, we cover the whole region offering the following solutions:

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