In a foreign country, one can never be too cautious with regards to family and property protection. Our team of experts in relocation in Asia offers insurance information, advice and assistance on the best suited insurance for you and your family: house insurance, medical/repatriation insurance, school insurance, civil responsibility, transport insurance, etc.


Once you have found your house or apartment, you can finally enjoy the comfort of your new home, but you will have to think about the next step of your relocation. Find solutions to: 

  • Purchase all kinds of insurance

  • Subscribe to a pension plan 

  • Face a loss of income protection in case of permanent disability or worse. 

PNG Private Office Ltd can discuss with you about your personal situation and guide you through the different options that may be available to you as an expatriate. It helps expatriates closing the gap when they are not contributing to their social security anymore through a global advice on medical insurance plan, analysis in case of disability or death event, retirement planning and wealth management.

Concerned about your financial situation in Asia? Looking for starting a saving plan for a personal or professional project or simply wishing to protect their wealth from the inflation? Our professionals in insurance services in Asia are here to help you with your financial planning.

Purchase an insurance in Asia
Medical insurance services in Asi

MEDICAL INSURANCE - Insurance & Financial planning services in Asia

Health is the base of any financial planning and finding a medical insurance should be one of the main concern of any expatriate arriving in South East Asia. There are plenty of insurances for all budgets, some may accept covering existing conditions, and others will suit better people close to retirement as they guarantee the renewal and a lifetime insurability. A young expatriate in good health with limited budget may prefer a local insurance covering only for treatments at the hospital while a family may extend their cover with outpatient treatments with the possibility to get hospitalized outside of their country of expatriation.


Maybe you are the owner of your company and wish to establish a corporate medical scheme for your employees.

We can advise you about the most suitable medical insurance for your needs. Our job is to know the strength and weakness of insurance companies and to make sure you are aware of those details before picking a solution. Giving a neutral advice is very important for us. More than that we will even provide assistance and help when having to claim with insurers.

Financial planning in Asia

FINANCIAL PLANNING - Insurance & Financial planning services in Asia 

If you plan to settle for a long time in Asia or even remain an expatriate in different countries in the world for many years, you need to be aware that most of the time you will not be contributing anymore to the social security of your home country. This will create a gap for your retirement as well as income protection.

Our team of experts in insurance services in Asia is able calculate the gap for you and show you how you can fill it through tailored personal financial plans and offshore investments.

Non-life insurance services in Asia

NON-LIFE INSURANCE - Insurance & Financial planning services in Asia

Tenant or owner: protecting your investment, your furniture is an essential part of your installation process in Asia. Our team of experts in relocation in Asia can help you purchasing the home insurance that meets your requirements. Indeed, the risk of natural disasters, burglaries depends on the country/neighborhoods in which you live and is usually fully different from your home country. We are here to discuss with you the available options. 

Depending on your needs, we could help you with:

  • Personal or professional liability 

  • Car and/or motorbike insurance 

  • Etc. 

We are a team of experts in insurance services in Asia.