We are aware that the expression “feel at home” can be in a certain way your main priority when it comes up with the adventure of expatriation in Asia.

Our first objective is your satisfaction by finding the house that meets your requirements. Our team of experts in housing services in Asia finds you the perfect place.​


We are reputed experts of the real estate market in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi (Vietnam). 





AN APARTMENT IN HO CHI MINH CITY - Housing services in Asia

Our objective is to revolutionize the real estate agency business. MySaigonCity makes renting a home as easy as booking a trip! All our ads are updated regularly. Our photos and 360° panoramas are taken by us in order to give you the most realistic possible overview of our properties.


We are a network of agents, partners and owners, as well as an international team with native English, French, and Japanese speakers that will meet all your expectations. Passionate about our profession, we are looking for you, the apartment, house or villa of your dreams. Our team ensures you trust and transparency. There are no agency fees.


We also advise you in all your steps, and throughout the duration of the contract. 

We are part of a team of housing experts in Asia! 

Housing services in Asia

A HOUSE IN HO CHI MINH CITY - Housing services in Asia 

In Gasha Properties, we are specialized in renting houses in Ho Chi Minh City. This existence confirm our good knowledge of the real estate market and permit us to practice right prices. We work with quite a large number of landlords and we have a real relationship with them.

Our aim is to make the customer feel trust on our team, to provide the service at highest customer’s satisfaction, to provide the production at the most reasonable price and to contribute to the friendly environment.

Very good reputation, 80% of customers recommend us highly. Serving the customer is at the heart of our priorities. Our team is very hardworking, supportive and maintains a positive outlook.

We are part of a team of housing experts in Asia! 


AN ACCOMMODATION IN HANOI - Housing services in Asia 

Taitam Housing is the first housing agency in Hanoi, established since 1995 as the first company providing residential leasing service in Hanoi. We are proud to be a well-known housing agency in Hanoi.

Our strength is market knowledge, highly responsibility and especially working experiences with most Embassies, NGO’s, and international companies... in Hanoi.

Managing about 10 buildings (offices, commercial and residential leasing) and about 50 houses/villas so that we do have a customer service with workers. Sometimes, we use the workers team to help our client which not renting directly with us. Based on my experience, it is quite important when our client move to a new home, renting a property which they could not study have enough time to study 100%, and so far with the client who expect high-level service standard than from an individual landlord.

The team is ran as the 5th generation of this department and still hungry to learn a lot. We highly believe in the service standard that we have and also the way we choose.

We are part of a team of housing experts in Asia! 

Housing services in Asia
Housing services in Asia