We know that arriving and settling into your new apartment after a long journey is a major source of stress. To make your moving-in easier, we offer you this new pack that you can order and have delivered before your arrival in your new home. This pack enables you to rent for a short period the furniture you may need to be settled correctly until you find a more more definitive solution.

To help you, we can provide you 3 different packs to furnish your flat for a short period:  


To furnish your flat for a short period, this pack contains all the furniture you may need in your new home while you are waiting for yours to arrive, or find new one. We install in your new home: 

• Bedroom: Mattresses, pillows, bed sheets, hangers and bath towels

• Living room: Sofa, chairs, table, coffee table, side tables and lamps

• Kitchen: Pan, pot, sharp knife, cutting boards, plates, cups, cutlery, glasses, bowls and kettle


This pack includes basic need products for your arrival in your new home. We delivered products for a meal (pasta, chicken, tomato sauce, wine bottle, chips, fruits and yoghurt) and a breakfast (coffee, tea, cereals, jam, sugar, milk, eggs). In this welcoming pack, there is also some basic necessities such as toilet paper, water bottles, oil, soap, salt, butter, pepper, SIM card and also a survival guide written by Relocation Vietnam.


To furnish your flat for a short period of time, we also provide you this pack, composed of basic supplies needed to have a clean home starting from your first day of arrival. You can find a mop, floor cleaning product, 3 in1 cleaning product, a broom, sponges, dish soap, garbage bags, a trash, and cloths. 



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