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Welcome to your multicultural team

You have been hired by a well-known international company and are now a member of a multicultural team. You worked hard to improve your communicative English skills and it has paid-off. However, your learning has just begun.

Multicultural team

Working with the locals in Vietnam

Relocation Vietnam is a company offering relocation services to companies wishing to settle in Vietnam, to their employees or to individuals desiring to come and live here. In order to answer their questions, especially professional ones, our team was eager to know the expatriates' opinions on their work with the locals. What are the obstacles that a manager or a manager must be prepared to face? What are the most recurring difficulties? Conversely, why is it so interesting to work alongside them?

Working with the locals in Vietnam

Job market for expatriates in Vietnam

Eric Cortade, recruitment consultant in Talent Fishers Group, talked about the most promising sectors to look for a job and some rules to find it.

Job market for expatriates in vietnam

Support solutions for companies which want to set up in Vietnam

Several years ago, it was complicated for a company to establish itself in another country. Today, there are solutions to carry out all the steps to set up a business (market study, renting an office, sales prospecting, recruitment, accounting...) in Vietnam at a lower cost. We met Thierry MERMET, co-director of Source of Asia, who told us about his activity here in Vietnam. SOA was founded in 2007 and has a team of 40 people specialized in international business development in South-East Asian markets.

Source Of Asia

Job market for expatriates in Vietnam

In the last ten years, more and more foreigners have been working in Vietnam and the demand for hiring foreign labors from Vietnamese companies and International organization has increased. Major European, American and Asian companies recently relocated to Vietnam due to cheaper wages and production costs. These companies are used to hire experienced workers from their original country to train locals. Vietnam is also benefiting from an ongoing trade war between China and the US, as major companies are moving their production processes to Vietnam to avoid the US penalties. In the same time, China is struggling with the pandemic and is losing confidence of some foreign investors, proven resilience in pushing Vietnam to the fore as an ideal investment and manufacturing hub for Southeast Asia.

People working

Discover Foie Gras in Vietnam

As Christmas approaches, what could be better than to rediscover a traditional foie gras? We wanted to know a little more about the Vitu brand and the fabrication of its foie gras.

A Vitu's foie gras

How Vietnam tends to develop its tourism using sport?

In June 2019, the National Assembly met for a session about tourism in Vietnam and shared their concern about the number of tourism products that Vietnam has to attract new tourists. The Vietnamese Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, then pledged to diversify the offer of Vietnam by using sport to develop its tourism in the future. Sport events is a way for Vietnam to attract more Asian and foreign tourists.

Tourism development thanks to sports in Vietnam

Vietnam: new agricultural power?

In 2018, according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the agricultural sector represented 8.7% of the national economic growth. The government's objective is to make Vietnam one of the world's leading agricultural power. Focus on the Vietnamese agricultural exports.

Vietnam, an agricultural power

Saint-Honoré, a French bakery that revisits Vietnamese specialties

The Mid-Autumn Festival is held on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar (mid of September). Discover Saint-Honoré, a French bakery, that revisits mooncakes, a pastry typically eaten at this period.

Saint Honoré, a French bakery in Vietnam

Chicken consumption in Vietnam - Interview of Mama Ga, a high-quality chicken restaurant in Thao Dien

Until recently, common Vietnamese diets consisted mainly of rice and vegetables. Meat was eaten only on special occasions. Now, meat has become an increasingly important part of Vietnamese consumers’ food practices and chicken is the second most consumed meat.

Chicken consumption in Vietnam

Studying in Asia

As a parent and former high school graduate, we know how complex it is to choose its future path. Every year, more and more opportunities present themselves to us. Where to go? Which universities to choose? With the help of Lee Baker, University Counselor and Director of Educational Partnerships at ISHCMC, we have tried to clarify the different opportunities for higher education in Asia with their advantages and disadvantages.

International Ladies in Vietnam

International Ladies in Vietnam is a social organization that offers women, from all over the world, an opportunity for friendship, learning, and a wide variety of weekly cultural, social, and sporting activities.
Oceane, a member and Carys, the president, talk to you about their association.

International Ladies in Vietnam

The question relatives to immigration in Japan

It's a surprise to no one, the Japanese population is ageing. With only 864,000 births in 2019, 6% decrease compared to 2018, the issue of birth rate due to population ageing is a real societal problem in Japan. The country with 120 million inhabitants has the oldest population in the world. How can this ageing be explained? What are the consequences? Is immigration a solution?

Tokyo street

Arrival in Asia - Double cultural shock

Anne-Laure BOUET talks about her experience. The arrival of an expatriate in Asia is not always easy.

A street in Vietnam

Companies establishment in South East Asia

The South East Asia market is changing and evolving. We've met regional managers from Rosemont Business Asia, a company that helps companies to establish and develop in this area.

Ho Chi Minh buildings

Sports, a diplomatic and geopolitical issue in Asia

Globalization is the acceleration of the development of economic activity on an international scale. It is reflected in the increase in trade of all kinds. It is now the attractiveness of the territories and their competition that is at stake. From now on, sport is an essential element of a State's influence. Major sporting events such as the Olympic Games have a global impact. Moreover, new players from emerging countries have clearly grasped the challenges related to high-level sport, as has China , which is catching up with developed countries in many disciplines, including non-traditional ones.

The Vietnamese football team

Vietnam, a land of opportunity and a developing country

With a population of 95.5 million, Vietnam is now one of the developing countries. Since the 1980s, its development has only increased, both globally and locally. Back in figures on a booming economy.

Vietnam, an emerging Asian country

Rethink plastic consumption in Vietnam - Interview of restaurants and coffees in Thao Dien

Plastic pollution is one of the biggest issues in the world. In Vietnam, one speaks about "white pollution": mountains of waste that are growing. It is time to rethink plastic consumption in Vietnam! National movements have recently been launched, but discover also local initiatives: restaurants and coffees in Thao Dien that are acting for a limited plastic consumption.

Plastic consumption in Vietnam

Relocation Vietnam: the only Full Member of EuRA (European Relocation Association) in Vietnam

EuRA, the European Relocation Association was created in 1998 to group companies that offer relocation services into a partnership. For a few years now, Relocation Vietnam has been looking for a way to certify the quality of its relocation services.

Relocation Vietnam, full member of EuRA

Bring the rhum culture in HCMC - Interview of Jérémy from l'Arrangé

What is your favorite alcoholic drink ? In Saigon, rhum is not a very popular alcohol. The owners of L’Arrangé, Nicolas and Jeremy are trying to bring this new rhum culture thanks to their arranged rhum.

Bring the rhum culture in Vietnam

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