A new immigration law has been signed in Vietnam in order “to attract investment”.


This new law includes a new type of visa for foreigners who come to conducted activities as part of the international agreement which has been signed between the European Union and Vietnam. Meaning that, if you invest 100 billion VND (4.4 million USD) or more in Vietnam you will be automatically given an up-to-five-year visa and a temporary residence card for at the most ten years.


On the other hand, if you invest less than 3 billion VND (130,000 USD) the duration of your visa will be at the most 12 months and the government will not grant you the temporary residence card. While the outdated immigration law used to regulate that all certified foreign investors in Vietnam could obtain a five-years-visa regardless of their investment capital.


Moreover, thanks to this new legislation foreigners who entered the country under visa waiver scheme will not need to wait 30 days to return anymore. These are great news for the citizens of the 13 countries under this program:

  • Japan

  • France

  • Belarus

  • Denmark

  • Norway

  • Italy

  • Finland

  • Russia

  • South Korea

  • Spain, Sweden

  • Germany

  • The UK


Now you just need to wait a bit for the opening of the Vietnamese borders. Also if you entered the country after the 1th of March under an e-visa, tourism visa or visa waiver program, you will be automatically given an extension up until July 31 due to the COVID-19 pandemic (and it is free of charge for you!).


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